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Tips on How to Keep Your Teeth White – Naturally!

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Research, and common sense, tells us that other people notice our teeth right off the bat when they first meet us. Because of the power of first impressions it only makes sense to want to best and brightest smile we can possibly, and reasonably, produce.

Professional teeth whitening produces incredible results fast, over-the-counter teeth whitening products take longer and are generally less effective. Both take time and money and may be something we use occasionally but what can we do every day to keep our pearlies white?

What you put into your mouth comes in contact with your teeth, yes? Your teeth are like little stain magnets so they take on stains from whatever food or drink you swish past them. Take tea for instance. Tea is considered a healthy drink, depending on what you put in it of course, but black tea will stain enamel and most teas are acidic and can eat away at your enamel if you are not a careful tea granny.

Can a cup of tea stain your teeth? Ask your dentist.The secret to drinking tea is to pour yourself a cup, sit down and enjoy the moment then move on. Don’t nurse it for hours, sipping at intervals even though it’s cold. The prolonged exposure is the problem with all staining beverages like tea, coffee, soft drinks, sports drinks and wine. It’s best to finish the cup (or glass or mug or bottle), rinse with big sip of water to get rid of the acid and residual liquid and give your teeth a rest for a while. Unless you’re 2 years old you don’t need to have something in your mouth ALL the time.

If you are indulging in a carbonated beverage, juice or iced tea you might try drinking with a straw and bypass your teeth altogether. A simple, effective solution that, BTW, does not work well with hot beverages.

Berrie are great for health but stain teethMany fruits and berries can create a rainbow (pretty in the sky but not so pretty…) in your mouth. Blueberries, blackberries (free for the taking here on Vancouver Island), cherries, pomegranates (not free for the taking on VI) etc. can all stain your teeth. But since bright coloured fruits have lots of phytochemicals that are thought to work synergistically with vitamins, minerals and fiber in whole foods to promote good health you should not cut them out of your diet but rinse and brush after eating to avoid stains (and floss to get rid of those darned blackberry seeds).

Rich red tomato sauces, luscious yellow or green curries, soy sauce based teriyaki sauces can all stain your teeth but are oh so good you may want to throw caution to the wind, indulge yourself and then brush after. It’s called the best of both worlds and you can have it with a little mindful eating and follow-up tooth brushing.

Eat! Rinse! Brush! Hey, they should write a book about that!

Contact Dogwood Dental Health Center and ask your dentist or dental hygienist what your teeth really look like, on the inside where you can’t see them. This will give you an idea of what kind of job you’re doing avoiding stains and acid erosion.