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Nature Can Keep Your Mouth Healthy Between Checkups!

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If you love the idea of surrounding yourself and your family with natural alternatives here are some suggestions on keeping your gums and teeth healthy naturally.

Keep in mind that these natural remedies are not a substitute for brushing, flossing and dental checkups. These are things that you can do every day that will have your dentist and hygienist smiling at your next appointment.

There are ongoing scientific studies looking at which natural ingredients work best to help prevent cavities and gum disease. Fluoride is one most people are familiar with and it is a substance that is found naturally throughout the world and it has been proven to help prevent cavities. Most people get fluoride in their drinking water (not Campbell River) or in their toothpaste or as a supplement.

Baking soda can help fight tooth decay. Campbell River dentists officeBaking soda can help fight tooth decay and is available in some toothpastes or as an ingredient in many “make-it-yourself” toothpaste recipes. Peroxide can help fight off certain bacteria but must be used with caution as it can burn your gums. Get professional advice before you use peroxide.

Green tea is an interesting and accessible ingredient you might consider adding toGreen tea has lots of qualities that help your teeth. Campbell River dentists office. your diet. One study suggested that rinsing your mouth with green tea extract may help prevent erosion of your enamel. Another study shows that green tea might stop starchy food (cake mmm, potato chips, crackers) from causing tooth decay and a third study shows that people who drink green tea regularly have healthier gums than non-green tea drinkers. What’s not to love about green tea?

Vitamin D may be good for your mouth because it helps your body kill bacteria. Vitamin D promotes a healthy mouthStudies have shown that you may be more likely to get gum disease if you don’t have enough of it. BC guidelines for Vitamin D state “The BC population is at risk of low vitamin D levels from autumn to spring.” “Because vitamin D supplementation in the general adult population is safe, it is reasonable to advise supplementation without testing.” Since the amount of Vitamin D produced by our skin is dependent on sun exposure those of us living on the “wet coast” can certainly understand why our Vitamin D levels might need a little boost.

If you are looking for natural sources for Vitamin D you will find it in eggs, tuna, salmon and fortified orange juice.

At your next dental appointment be sure to ask about natural additions to your diet that will help keep your teeth and gums healthy. Contact Dogwood Dental Health for your checkup, dental cleaning and hygiene appointment.