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Modern Dentists Don’t Deserve a Bad Rap!

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People from a certain generation may remember painful visits to the dentist complete with syringes the size of turkey basters poised to plunge into cringing gums to eventually render the patient mostly pain free for the rest of the procedure.

Those old memories have hung around and, like fish stories, dentist stories have been blown up out of all proportion. It seems that everybody has jumped on the "dentist bashing" bandwagon. If you Google "dentist jokes" you'll find cartoons depicting patients going through the roof, literally, and jokes about how much it costs and how much it hurts to go to the dentist.

But guess what, times are changing and today's dentists are highly trained and practice pain free techniques that make a visit to the dentist as routine as a visit to your doctor or other health professionals. To help pass the time you are welcome to bring your iPod and listen to your own music or tune in to the local radio station. If you're really nervous many dentists can offer a mild sedative to help you relax or even IV sedation if that's what you need to make you comfortable and at ease.

If you need a procedure that requires anaesthetic ask your dentist about the techniques they use. Dogwood Dental dentists are more than happy to explain the whole procedure so you know exactly what to expect. The amount of local anaesthetic is unique to each patient and your dentist will make sure you get what you need to completely remove any discomfort. These days there's even a pre-anaesthetic that takes the sting out of the actual anaesthetic.

Then sit back and bask in the glory of knowing that you are not only enhancing your appearance but improving your whole body health by keeping your teeth and gums healthy. The old stories are just that, old stories. Get with the program, these days DENTISTS ROCK!