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Dental Advances to Watch For!

If you can imagine glass fillings, regenerating tooth enamel and nanotechnology welcome to the cutting edge of dental research. There are lots of exciting new dental discoveries happening right now and new technologies will be finding their way to a dentist near you in the years to come.

Take bioactive glass for example. This is a type of crushed glass that is able to interact with the body. It has been used for decades in some types of bone healing and new research shows it may be very promising for tooth fillings. Its main claim to fame when it comes to dentistry is that the bacteria in our mouths don’t seem to like it and are less likely to colonize on fillings that contain it.

This is exciting research because almost all fillings do eventually fail, usually due to new tooth decay which forms at the interface of the filling and the tooth. The research shows that bacterial penetration into the interface between a tooth and a filling containing bioactive glass is much less. Imagine a “once and done” filling, looks like this reality is on the radar for dental care in the future.

If you are the victim of a thinning layer of enamel on your teeth you will be interested in the research into a gel that regenerates tooth enamel. The gel works by getting rid of “sludge” in the enamel making cells in the body, allowing them to add more mineral and make enamel, the hardest bioceramic in our bodies. Researchers says that one day people may be able to use an overnight mouth guard or teeth strips saturated with hydrogel to regrow enamel-like substances and reduce teeth sensitivity.

Nanotechnology is especially exciting with the promise of material with enhanced antibacterial properties and the possibility of regenerating dental tissues. The door is wide open to restorative dental materials that are even more natural-looking, long-lasting and easier to work with in a clinic setting.

You can bet Dr. Lathangue is keeping a close eye on how technology can help his patients maintain a healthy mouth and a great smile.

From everyone at Dogwood Dental Health Center we wish you a Very Happy New Year! May 2016 be healthy and happy for you and your family!