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December 2015

Dental Advances to Watch For!

If you can imagine glass fillings, regenerating tooth enamel and nanotechnology welcome to the cutting edge of dental research. There are lots of exciting new dental discoveries happening right now and new technologies will be finding their way to a dentist near you in the years to come.

“Tooth Friendly” Foods to Watch for This Christmas.

It’s the holiday season and food and drink will be abundant in many households. While a little indulgence is inevitable here are some tips about “tooth friendly” foods you can choose from the buffet table.

1. Cheese is rich in calcium (which is just plain good for your teeth and bones) and it balances the PH in your mouth, helping to neutralize the effects of acidic beverages like hard liquor, wine, beer (PH around 4, sweet wines are more acidic) and soft drinks (PH around 2.5, FYI battery acid is PH 1).

Smile! It’s Time for Christmas Photos!

It’s that time of year again. Every time you turn around someone is pointing a camera at you and saying “Smile!”. This Christmas phenomenon is fine if you are happy with your smile but if you automatically clamp your lips together because your smile does not look as clean and white as you would like, why not do something about it!