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August 2015

Tips to Make Your Teeth Cleaning Visit More Comfortable

1. Use a desensitizing toothpaste. Switch to a desensitizing toothpaste and use it daily. You'll be able to eat ice cream again and you may find that your next cleaning flies by with barely a twinge.

Toothbrush With Bluetooth – How Did You Live Without It!

Want to prove to your dentist that you brush 2X a day? Now you can have an app with the data to back up your claims. If you love technology and thought an electric toothbrush was the pinnacle of consumer dental technology you are in for a real treat (and not the kind that causes cavities).

Good Teeth = Better Job? Probably!

Think back on the movies you’ve seen, what did the backwoods villains look like? Chances are they had crooked teeth, missing teeth, buck teeth or yellow teeth. The idea of bad teeth equalling ignorance or evil is so pervasive in our culture (especially TV and movies) we don’t even think about it anymore, it has become a “truth”.