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July 2015

Answers to Your Most Common FAQ.

1. What’s going on when my gums bleed during brushing and flossing?
Bleeding gums are a warning that you have gum disease!  In the early stages of gum disease there may be no pain or other symptoms so bleeding gums may be the only early warning signal you get. Don’t panic, if you work with your dentist and hygienist you can defeat gum disease.

2. What actually is tooth decay?

What Your Teenager Should Know About Their Teeth.

First of all, don’t take your teeth for granted! A nice smile is the best invitation for new friends and relationships and if you practice some basic oral hygiene now chances are pretty good you can keep your smile.

Keeping Your Baby’s Teeth Healthy.

As a parent of young children it can be difficult judging how much dental care your kids need. Of course you want to prevent cavities, but what’s the best way to achieve this? Here are some tips and guidelines that we hope you find helpful.

When Should Your Kids Start Brushing?