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October 2014

Botox – What Your Dentist Has to Know

In case you were wondering, your dentist does not just suddenly decide one day to offer Botox injections. The Canadian Dental Associate has strict regulations on the education and training dentists must have in order to administer this schedule 1 drug.

Dental Care in the ICU Can Reduce Pneumonia

If, after reading our Blogs and FaceBook posts and talking to your dentist, you have any doubts that taking care of your teeth helps to keep you healthy here's some news that should convince even you.

What Makes a Good Dentist?

Ever wonder what other dentists think are the qualities of a good dentist? It's interesting because dentists have a much more objective view of what makes a good dentist. As patients we want someone who is kind and gentle and knowledgeable and skilled. All good qualities, but what else should we be looking for in a dentist?

Which Toothpaste is Right for You?

Sometimes regular toothpaste is just fine, but you might want to consider what specialized toothpastes have to offer. Talk to your dental hygienist and evaluate your situation. Are your teeth stained? Sensitive? Are you prone to cavities? Does your breath smell a little less than minty fresh? Guess what? There is a toothpaste that is just right for you!